File Requirements - Reklaamtreilerid, Täispuhutavad reklaamid, Välimeedia, Meediapindade rent

File Requirements

The team of Stereo Meedia OÜ uses the Windows PC environment.


The most preferred print file is a composite pdf made from a Postcrip print file. Fonts are made into curves and images are integrated into the design.
The print file must be the final size or reduced proportionately. When reducing the file, the resolution must be increased accordingly.
The print-ready PDF file will not be modified without prior agreement. Please check that the PDF file is technically correct.

In the absence of a finished print file, the necessary design work is performed and we prepare ready-to-print files.
There is a separate price for repairing and designing the file.


Suitable common design programs:

We print in CMYK colors.

Making the file for a roll up

Make the file 85 x 205 cm. A transition space of 5 cm must be left under the file. No design or text elements may be placed in this area.
The visible part of the roll-up is 85, 100 or 120 cm wide and 200 cm high. Recommended resolution 100-150 dpi, .pdf file 1: 1 and CMYK colors. The optimal resolution for the roll up is a minimum of 60 dps (1:10 or 1: 1).

Sending the file

Stereo Meedia OÜ is not responsible for possible claims if the above requirements are not met.