File Requirements

File requirements

Stereo Meedia uses Microsoft Windows PC, we do not use Apple Macintosh hard- and software.


Suitable programs for designs are:

Adobe Illustrator CS4 for earlier version (ai)

Adobe Photoshop CS4 or earlier version (tiff, eps)

Corel v13 or earlier version (cdr)

Preferred print file is composite-pdf, which is made out of Postscript print fail, where fonts are made curves and pictures are integrated.

To avoid possible mistakes, we recommend sending upfront e-mail with the sample file (jpg).



The file sent should be in the final measures or proportionally diminished. In case you have reduced the file size, do not forget to upgrade the resolution accordingly.

Color management

We print in CMYK colors. This is mainly because lots of Pantone Solid Coated colors are not printable in 4 color mode. To achieve as close CMYK color match with PMS colors, we recommend sending us the PMS code with e-mail upfront. For photo quality, the file can be done in RGB color room, preferably with Adobe RGB (1998).


Where the file should be sent?

The smaller files can be sent to your contacts e-mail address.

Please use Wetransfer for sending bigger (a free file sending website, up to 2GB)


If those requirements are not fulfilled, Stereo Meedia cannot take responsibility for the print outcome.


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